Qtopia questions

Alastair Johnson alastair at truebox.co.uk
Mon Oct 27 10:45:26 CET 2008

Jette Derriche wrote:
> 2 days ago, I flashed my FR with the newest Qt image (4.4.2) from
> Qtopia.net. I had read several places, that I should use Qt if I wanted
> a stable phone. 
> 1)
> What does 'stable' mean in that context? I thought it was well-proven
> and literally stable, and yet I have encountered several bugs which is
> normally found in beta-software. For example, when loading the
> addressbook from SIM, all names are chopped off at 14 characters.

'stable' means probably more stable and phone-like than the 
alternatives. Qtopia still suffers from low level bugs in the kernel 
since it shares that with the other images, including suspend/resume 
problems. It also has bugs of its own, but if you report them they 
should get fixed. IIRC Lorn has suggested that 4.4.x was released with 
more bugs than they would have liked, so if you can live without some of 
the added features you may prefer 4.3.x for the moment.

> 2)
> Is it possible to import and export the addressbook in VCard format? If
> so, how?


> 3)
> I see people on the list talking about Qtopia 2008.8. Is it a mix of Qt
> and Om?

The Openmoko 2008.8 and 2008.9 releases use X11, the enlightenment 
window manager, and the X11 version of Qtopia 4.3 apps for phone and 
addressbook functions. This means that it can run onthe X11 apps, unlike 
the pure Qtopia images.

> 4)
> The Qt Desktop is only compliant with Qtopia 2 and the Sync Agent is for
> Outlook only, as I understand. Is it at all possible to syncronize with
> Evolution addressbook and calendar? 

The Qtopia sync protocol is documented and open, but AFAIK nobody has 
written the required plugin.

> Thanks in advance :-)
> Kind regards
> Jette

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