Qtopia questions

Ian Darwin ian at darwinsys.com
Mon Oct 27 16:24:48 CET 2008

> > This is exactly what happens:
> > 
> > --------------------------
> > root at om-gta02:~# addressbook All.vcf 
> > -sh: addressbook: not found
> > --------------------------
> > 
> Aaaah.... I figured it out... It works if I run the command directly in
> the phones terminal, and not from the host using ssh :-)

Obviously a PATH issue; presumably ssh is not running the same set of startup scripts
as the terminal program. Type "which addressbook" in the phones terminal, that will
tell you what directory needs to be added. "echo $SHELL" will tell you what shell 
you're getting on each. Then consult standard UNIX/Linux doc for that shell to find out
how to change your path settings - this whole sub-thread is, in fact, nothing to do with
OpenMoko and all to do with standard *NIX shell stuff...

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