disable suspend when connected via usb

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Tue Oct 28 03:36:22 CET 2008

>>> whenever i'm working with my neo over usb - be it updating with opkg,
>>> transferring/syncing files, etc - it goes into suspend, at inopportune
>>> moments.
>>> where would i add an option to automatically disable suspend, whenever
>>> i'm connected over usb? i presume an entry in the usb0 scripts to
>>> change the suspend time from 30s to never?
>>> where and how would i do that; has anyone else here got something
>>> similar already?
>> Or alternatively, disable suspend whenever we have a 500mA (or more)
>> power source.

> it may be an option for some, although i would still like it to
> suspend when it's charging, but not being interacted with - disabling
> suspend then is going to hugely increase the charge time.

I do not have the numbers, but I'd expect that if the screen is blanked
and the cpu is sufficiently idle, the power consumption shouldn't be
that large (e.g. below 100mA), so it shouldn't impact charge time
that badly.


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