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Jeff Wallis Jeff.Wallis at
Tue Oct 28 23:47:21 CET 2008

I purchased a Freerunner recently and I am having a few issues with it.  The GSM module does not seem to be working correctly.  I have tried 2007.2, 2008.9, FDOM, QT Extended, Hybrid Stable Release and all seem to have the same problems.  It does not register with my GSM provider.  On a rare occasion I am able to get it to register.  I have made a few calls on it when it has been registered and the people on the other end hang up because they can't hear me even though I am usually shouting.  I have adjusted the Mic2 settings as well as some other settings as recommending by this list but this has not made a difference.  I have also tested the newest 2008.9-testing that was supposed to resolve the mic2 issue - but of course the phone has never registered using this image.  I believe that I have received bad hardware.  I noticed that it was the GTA02v5 not the v6 - if that matters. The return policy on says 14 days.  I am still within that time but no one seems to return any of my phone calls or emails (I have tried non-stop for the last 2 days).  I even opened a ticket on site as recommended on the site, but no one has accepted the ticket (or even read it for all I know).  Any help getting in contact with someone who works at would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Jeff

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