[Qt Extended] Take a screenshot?

Jette Derriche jette at nerdgirl.dk
Wed Oct 29 15:28:17 CET 2008

On Wed, 2008-10-29 at 16:04 +1000, Lorn Potter wrote:
> To answer Jette's question, you can select the period of time, say 5 seconds. Then hold the Aux 
> button to get the task manager and then you can select Home and open the app you want. Or can can 
> have the app open, use task manager to open the screenshot app, and then use task manager to show 
> the previous app you want a screenie of.

I was reading your explanation over and over without understanding a
thing... Then it dawned upon me... I had the docked keyboard, and it was
on top of the Screenshot settings...hehe...sorry :-/

Please be patient with us wannabees... we can't help it ;-)


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