4.4.2 quick feedback, was: Re: QT Extended version 4.4.2 release is out!

Thomas Bertani sylar1991 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 15:17:22 CET 2008

2008/10/31 Quasar <ahmad221284 at yahoo.com>:
> Excellent feedback...I'll just add a couple of things to the list of issues:
> - There are some issues with the suspend/resume. I tried calling my phone
> after it suspended and it didn't wake up.

This is a bug that doesn't permitt to use the neo as a phone

> - It's a minor issue but when the phone starts up, the battery indicator
> shows it's charging (it wasn't), this stopped once I connected the phone to
> the charger then removed it.

OMG, again this bug, this isn't minor!! Because if I'm not at home and
I haven't the charger with me the phone uses the charging profile...

sorry for my bad english...

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