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Hi Lynn-

Lynn Nguyen ??:
> Yeah it's loading the correct openocd.cfg file. I even added random
> commands to it and i saw those commands in the error messages. I even
> used -f to be sure.

* Could you check the .cfg file is comes with, it should called
openocd-debugv2.cfg :

1. ft2232_vid_pid 0x1457 0x5118

2. And adjust jtag_speed to higher number (4 or 8, default is 0)

* And is your debug board UART (terminal console) is working?

If still not working, you might could erase the EEPROM content in the
debug board again, return the default USB ID 0403 6010. They see if the
UART and openocd could work.


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>> I was wondering if anyone was using the Neo1973 (GTA01v4) with Debug
>> board v3. I used the openocd.cfg available on the wiki and I get this
>> problem:
>> Info:    openocd.c:82 main(): Open On-Chip Debugger (2006-08-01
> 12:00 CEST)
>> Info:    configuration.c:50 configuration_output_handler(): Command
>> ft2232_device_desc not found
>> Info:    configuration.c:50 configuration_output_handler(): Command
>> ft2232_layout not found
>> Info:    configuration.c:50 configuration_output_handler(): Command
>> ft2232_vid_pid not found
>> Error:   jtag.c:1219 jtag_init(): No valid jtag interface found
> (ft2232)
>> It seems like openocd is having some trouble with ft2232 because I
> don't
>> see anything wrong with those commands.
> Does your openocd load neo1973 specific config? like tmp/openocd -f
> tmp/openocd-debugv2.cfg
> Usually it is because your USB vid/pid setting is not correct in the
> config file(load the wrong config file)
> Hope this helps.

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