New battery semi-charged but not charging, is protection-circuit broken?

ankostis ankostis at
Mon Sep 1 11:25:19 CEST 2008

On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 6:28 AM, Michael Shiloh <michael at> wrote:
> Did you update u-boot and kernel? There was a bug awhile back causing
> USB insertions to be only partially recognized.

I have not updated UBoot and i cannot do it anymore since the battery
has fallen significantly making it impossible to enter into USB ACM.

I've used kernel from 2008.8 and FSO (2 days ago), nothing too recently.

I thinki i've seen the bug you mention,
when it requires to insert the USB twice in order to enter 'Charging" status.
But yet, no real current flows into the battery and the battery's
reported capacity remains 0.

Yesterday, the current_now started to show some non-zero values, but
judging from the voltage_now,
the battery did not actually charge.

Michael, I would really like to know if there is any possibility of
reviving the battery or if i should definitely contact the reseller
for a new one,
since i live in a different country from the reseller it and it will
take some time to receive a new battery.

Thank you for your interest,

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