GPS Problem (maybe antenna?)

Sebastian M. lists at
Mon Sep 1 22:58:41 CEST 2008

Zitat von robins <r.seidel at>:

> Could you please keep us up date on how you examined yours, so we can do the
> same if we need to.

Hi Robin,

the problem with measuring a GPS Signal seems to be the low signal  
level, so (according to my father) I need an amplifier for approx.  
1227 and 1575 MHz - which I don't have and can't build or afford.

Because of that and because I have quite much important stuff to do  
(esp. very hard exams (some for the 2nd time), moving to another flat  
and more) I decided to postpone OpenMoko hardware hacking for a while.

And *even* if I find out *why* GPS does not work for me (e.g. my  
father is simply wrong on the signal level stuff or his HF  
oscilloscopes are far better than he thinks ;-) the problem might be  
very hard to fix - if a fix is possible at all...

So, if you want to use GPS in a short term you'd be better off  
sending-in your Freerunner and getting one with working GPS instead of  
waiting for results I can deliver with in about a month - if I can  
deliver anything at all.

Cheers, Sebastian
Sebastian M.
Student of Computer Science at the University of Kaiserslautern.

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