using openocd

Mike Montour mail at
Tue Sep 2 02:03:01 CEST 2008

Lynn Nguyen wrote:

>     An easily made but devastating mistake is to forget to actually
>     activate the CPU. Just connecting power is not enough ! Press and
>     hold the power button until the boot loader does its count-down, or,
>     in case there is no runnable boot loader, the CPU keeps itself busy.
> is the 'it' this part referring to the openmoko? I mean, isn't the whole 
> point of a bricked openmoko the fact that it can't turn on? How am I 
> supposed to activate the CPU if it won't turn on at all? I know the 
> battery is fully charged because I checked the voltage.

"it" does refer to the phone. "Turn it on" means setting the 
power-management unit (PMU) into Active mode so that voltage is applied 
to the CPU. This might happen automatically when you plug in the USB 
cable, but if not you can do it by pressing the power button. If the 
device is "bricked" you will not see anything happen when you turn it 
on, but internally the CPU will be ready to accept a JTAG connection.

Try following the sequence described at (which 
AFAIK should be the same for a v3 debug board).

> this is the openocd.cfg i am using:

Looks OK to me.

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