Debian root password

Chris Jenks chris at
Tue Sep 2 17:54:28 CEST 2008

On Sun, 31 Aug 2008, archon44 wrote:

> Chris Jenks wrote:
>> I seem to have successfully installed debian on my SD card and am able to
>> boot to zhone, but when I try to ssh to root at it won't take a
>> blank password. I am able to login to 2008.8 from the same host
>> successfully. I would try to reset the password from xterm, but no
>> keyboard appears when I press or hold the aux key! Any suggestions?
> Try to ssh to your 2008.08/2007.02, chroot to microsd card filesystem
> mountpoint (for me it was /media/mmcb*) and then simply change your debian
> password. Worked for me

   This is a good solution. I was going to take it, but first I wanted to 
see if I could fix the problem by connecting the external USB keyboard I 
finally got a USB A - mini USB A (5 pin) adapter for. I was disappointed 
that the keyboard didn't seem to get power nor did it get recognized (Fn 
keys didn't work), so, not seeing a better way, I did a power cycle to 
reboot and waited through the fsck. After this the keyboard still didn't 
work, but then I reconnected the USB to the host I was able to shell in 
using a blank password. So the password was reset from non-blank to blank 
after a (second) hard reboot.
   I haven't researched the keyboard problem - I assume I need a powered 
hub, but I'll read. No need to address that here.


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