Can bad NAND blocks cause USB's "device descriptor read/64, error -110" ?

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Wed Sep 3 04:06:54 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hello dear all,
| My new FR (DateCode 20080725) is suspected to having bad NAND blocks:
| It had been suffering kernel panics etc. after as soon as I reflashed it
| with Om2008.8 on 20080831. Subsequent reflashings rendered my FR less
| unstable.

Copy of the panic backtrace would be interesting if you can get ahold of
it.  Usually every panic is a story although there's no guarantee we can
figure it out.

The kernel image itself is CRC-checked by U-Boot before it is run.  So
it is doubtful we can say that kernel is corrupted by "bad NAND".

| I'm still suffering with USB cdc_ether, I'm getting `device descriptor
| read/64, error -110' and no solution found out there on the net helps.

This can be to do with the host PC USB device, cables, stack as well as
Freerunner.  Are there any other exotic variations of that in your host
PC dmesg or is it only that?

| Last time tried with:
| u-boot,rootfs (20080902) -- from Openmoko_update page
| kernel (20080902, too) -- from daily page.
| (!)With the 20080826 kernel from releases/_update page says wrong image
| format whatsoever.. (and still does if I try to revert to the 20080826

That's a funny error to get, can it actually DFU anything reliably?
That is also using the dodgy USB connection of course...

- -Andy

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