gta02, debian, fso: pairing (and using) bleutooth headset?

Jim Morris ml at
Wed Sep 3 06:33:30 CEST 2008

Brad Midgley wrote:
> Jim
> The best fit for this older version is talking to the service via
> d-bus. At one point I had python and d-bus working well enough to fire
> off the audio service as in the example at
> Combined with the right state file, you should get a bluetooth headset
> working if the hardware is right. If it doesn't work, I would keep the
> call and bluetooth play going and fiddle with mixer settings via
> something like alsamixer to see if you can get any noise at all.
> Perhaps run something that plays an mp3 at the same time and you'll
> know if you find instead a way to get system audio out onto bluetooth.

I already tried all that, including the python script. I've tried everything on the bluez wiki and
the OM wiki.

I think I have the .state file correct, no way of really knowing. I can't get anything to play
through the headset be it a test wave file via aplay or gsm in a call.

Short of reverse engineering both bluez and the audio driver and the kernel and the gsm drivers, I
really don't see any other way of getting it to work, and I really don;t have an infinite amount of
time to play with this stuff.

Obviously OM never tested any of this, so its possible it is broken in the H/W, and could never
work, who knows?

Thanks for your help though.

Is there a better version of bluez utils? I could easily build a new version, but I suspect I also
need to build a new kernel if I go that route. There is no mention in bluez of chips routing the pcm
audio directly to the audio card, so it is possible bluez doesn't support that option anyway?

Jim Morris,

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