Can bad NAND blocks cause USB's "device descriptor read/64, error -110" ?

sledgeas simaskonfa at
Wed Sep 3 08:25:48 CEST 2008

Thanks for answering, Andy,

Andy Green rašė:
> Copy of the panic backtrace would be interesting if you can get ahold of
> it.  Usually every panic is a story although there's no guarantee we can
> figure it out.
Kernel panic just came out once (when I first launched the `Locations') 
, then I reflashed the kernel (as was suggested in #openmoko because of 
maybe bad blocks) and no other panics I've experienced so far.
I have no debug board. Are there any other ways [logs] of obtaining that 
late kernel panic?
> | I'm still suffering with USB cdc_ether, I'm getting `device descriptor
> | read/64, error -110' and no solution found out there on the net helps.
> This can be to do with the host PC USB device, cables, stack as well as
> Freerunner.  Are there any other exotic variations of that in your host
> PC dmesg or is it only that?
Well, are you sure? Because I get cdc_usb without problems (/dev/ttyACM0 
created OK).
Is cdc_ether protocol so much different [complex] that it is being 
affected by cable or other hardware (or FR's hardware-based fault?), 
whilst I get a normal cdc_ether behaviour.
Maybe it's the u-boot bug, killing off usb completely? ->
But I find no other [older/testing?] u-boot to try out with. Could you 
guys recommend any flavours?

Yesterday I have reflashed kernel from 20080901 to 20080902 and, after 
pressing around power (with buggy Om2008's suspend) got this:
usb 6-1: device descriptor read/64, error -84
But that exotic variation was only once. After reboot it swayed back to 
> | (!)With the 20080826 kernel from releases/_update page says wrong image
> | format whatsoever.. (and still does if I try to revert to the 20080826
> one)
> That's a funny error to get, can it actually DFU anything reliably?
> That is also using the dodgy USB connection of course...
The exact error is (with NAND and NOR u-booter):
2097152 bytes read:OK
Wrong image format for bootm command
ERROR: can't get kernel image!

And it happens always (even yesterday) with
So we cannot blame it on dfu (unless it is kernel-version sensitive :)) 
and dodgy connection, as any newer (testing) kernels and roofss get 
always flashed ok.
Should I try older kernel?

Let's make my FR happen,


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