GPS device missing in debian

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Thu Sep 4 17:55:29 CEST 2008


Am Donnerstag, den 04.09.2008, 08:38 -0700 schrieb Chris Jenks:
>    It seems useful to me. Maybe enlarge the disclaimer at the top? I hate 
> to get rid of any resource that might help me avoid bugging the generous 
> people here.
>    Regarding the gps device, I noticed that occasionally when I cat 
> /dev/ttySAC1 I get little snippets of text, like "$GPZDA,,,,,00," and 
> ",,,,,,99.99,99.9", although I usually get nothing. I was surprised in 
> 2008.8 when cat /dev/ttySAC1 kept listing output as it was generated - 
> more like tail -f. However, tail -f /dev/ttySAC1 gives no output for 
> debian.
>    Is the driver module for the gps compiled into the kernel, or is it 
> supposed to be loaded? 

There is no driver, it’s all just text over the serial device. And since
you get some data, that is working.

Are you sure it’s not working? With zhone running, going to the bottom
right view, sitting outside and waiting for a while, does it display
your position?

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