getting error while trying to flash my neo freerunner

Detructor steffen.linux at
Thu Sep 4 20:04:31 CEST 2008

I've used the command out of the wiki...for example
"sudo ./dfu-util -a rootfs -R -D ./Om2008.8-gta02-20080904.rootfs.jffs2"

I'm using the standard terminal from gnome

        Hey guys,
        I hope you can help me, I've the following problem:
        When I try to flash the neo on my laptop I get a
        "Starting download: [dfu_download error -71"
        sometimes the download starts and then I get the error.
        When I get the neo in June, I could flash it without getting this error.
        My operating system: Ubuntu 8.04.1
        I ask here, because I can't find anything about this error in the www
        (only 3 entries in google and none of it helps).
        hope for help
        What command line did you use? One cause of this error is when you give 
        the wrong argument to dfu-util, e.g. -a u-boot while flashing a kernel 

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