Battery discharging while plugged in

-stacy slm3095om at Millions.Ca
Fri Sep 5 16:43:11 CEST 2008

Dale Maggee wrote:
> Hi,
> currently when I have my freerunner plugged into USB, it will charge to
> 100% and then start (slowly) discharging. If I unplug the USB cable and
> plug it back in, it charges back up to 100 percent, then starts
> discharging again.
> any Ideas?

I noticed the same thing, I have a short shell script that will cause it 
to start charging again with unpluging the USB cable.



cat $chgmode
echo 0 > $chgmode
cat $chgmode
echo 1 > $chgmode
cat $chgmode

When you run it, the output should look like

# chgmode


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