Battery discharging while plugged in

Mike Montour mail at
Fri Sep 5 18:22:37 CEST 2008

Angus Ainslie wrote:

> It doesn't completely turn off charging. It drops to a 100mA trickle 
> charge which is insufficient to keep the battery topped up with the GSM 
> radio turned on. That's why the batteries state of discharge is slower 
> when its plugged into the charger ( even the wall charger )

No, it turns off the charge current. See page 86 of the PCF50633 user 

"Battery fully charged: When the battery is fully charged and the 
charger is in Battery Full mode, the charge path is disabled (the 
USB-BAT FET is off)."

I've charted this by sampling the "capacity", "voltage_now", and 
"current_now" /sys files, but I don't have time right now to dig out 
that file and post it.

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