gta02, debian, fso: pairing (and using) bleutooth headset?

Angus Ainslie angus.ainslie at
Fri Sep 5 19:55:03 CEST 2008

OK reproduced a few times now.

Some times the bluetooth/alsa/dbus gets into a state where this will not
work so you should reboot to start everything fresh.

I've created a new state file that prodices NOISY audio , I will be looking
into the source of noisy and getting the mic path properly setup as well.

Pair the headset ( only needs doing once )


./ <bluetooth address>

You should hear static in the headset at this point. If not try rerunning If you still don't have static reboot.

start the phone call. Once connected

alsactl restore 0 -f gsm_headset.txt
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