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Mon Sep 8 14:21:18 CEST 2008

you can copy an existing one, 

#cd /usr/share/applications
#cp  pyefl-sudoku.desktop whateveryouwant.desktop

and now with you prefered text editor I use joe to install it, just 
#opkg install joe
or you can use already installed vi

#joe whateveryouwant.desktop
You will see something like this

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Sudoku game

modify Name,GenericName to "Handwriting" for example,  Comment to X11
handwritting recognition, TryExec and Exec with the executable name (you
dont have specified it in you mail so if you don't know how to retrieve
it please read below)
you can also change the icon (a 48x48 pixels png file will fit, you can
easy, create/adapt one with gimp), and change to a more fitting
categories as Applications;Utilities;keyboards;input 
To know the name of the binary to execute doing a
#opkg files <name of the pakage>|grep bin 

it will list what files it probides and the grep will filter those
installed in defaults executables directories, surely one of those files
will be the one you  need.

By the way, can you especify where did you download, read, and know
about this handwritting stuff?? I have no idea.

for the rotate screen stuff look in or if you want something more
simplier look at

El lun, 08-09-2008 a las 13:53 +0200, stefan gustavsson escribió:
> How do i create the .desktop file, what do i put in, they all look
> different, could someone help me with this 
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> > 
> > stefan gustavsson wrote:
> > > Where do i activate the handwriting software, i have downloaded
> the x11 handwriting software to the neo freerunner with OM2008.8, but
> i cant find where to activate it. The other question i had is where do
> i find the software/package that enables the motion features on the
> neo freerunner, like the screen adapting to how you hold your phone.
> Thanks in advance Kind Regards Stefan
> > > 
> > create a .desktop file for it in /usr/share/applications, using one
> of 
> > the existing ones as a template.
> > 
> > HTH,
> > -Dale
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