A few problems I've been having ... suggestions?

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Mon Sep 8 18:43:42 CEST 2008


I've got a Freerunner and have figured out my way around flashing it and
trying out a bunch of things. A week or so ago I left my old mobile in a
hire car in another country (good move, I know) so the GTA02 has become my
main mobile. Both the update process and trying to use it day to day have
made me hit a few problems -

1. Couldn't update NOR uboot
Not a big problem, but after (roughly) following the process here -

I got as far as booting into 2008.08 and running:
flash_unlock /dev/mtd0
flash_eraseall /dev/mtd0
cat u-boot.udfu >/dev/mtd0

before the Freerunner went to suspend (I didn't know about xset :0 s off at
that point). On every subsequent try the eraseall and cat stage fail. Not
that it matters as I have updated the NAND uboot.

2. Debian/FSO stopped associating with T-Mobile after a while
No idea why, but after a few boots zhone just stopped picking up a signal.
So I went back to 2008.08

3. 2008.08 sound problems.
It seems to either vary by day or by boot or by some other random factor.
Even after opkg update and upgrade last week (friday?) it either echoes the
remote party's speech right back to them, or my speech to me, or works
perfectly. Weird.

4. Qtopia addressbook on 2008.08 - Is there any way to do a mass delete?
I screwed up the vcf file I'm importing several times. The first couple of
times I manually deleted 50+ contacts one at a time, is there a
faster/better way to do this as deleting them all manually kinda sucks?

5. Charging overnight seems to kill it
I leave the phone attached to the mains charger overnight, as otherwise it
would likely run out of batteries. Unfortunately, by morning it's pretty
dead, won't come back from suspend and hasn't sounded the alarm I set. To
reboot I need to remove the battery and start it up again. This done, the
alarm goes off. Useful :)

7. Gotta answer calls quickly
If I don't pick up pretty fast I think the phone goes back to suspend or
something, but displays a couple of buttons at the bottom of the screen
saying "yes" and "no". these buttons don't respond and nothing much else
seems to make it wake up again either. Battery out, start again...

Other than that it's pretty cool. I like having a phone I can ssh into. I
haven't yet started playing with the "advanced" functionality (GPRS,

I like the 2008.08 keyboard, it's finger friendly and the predictive text is
helpful, mostly. Are there ways to teach it extra words and/or switch it off

Thanks for your help/suggestions,


(Apologies if this shows up twice, it shouldn't as I wasn't subscribed first
time I posted)
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