microSD slot fried?

Daniel Benoy daniel at benoy.name
Tue Sep 9 01:25:23 CEST 2008

I believe that command is telling the SD reader to keep its clock on, even 
when idle.  The ability to turn off the idle clock was implemented to prevent 
GPS interference.  Perhaps the fact you have a capasitor on your SD connector 
has something to do with this.  Mutually exclucive fixes in hardware and 
software, perhaps?

I believe you can also pass a parameter on the u-boot kernel command line that 
will set this value to 1 for you.  I don't know it off hand, so that there's 
less danger of your partition table being corrupted again.

On September 6, 2008 04:43:09 Dmitry Makovey wrote:
> --- Dmitry Makovey <dmakovey at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Now big question for me is: how do I install QTopia
> > on
> > this microSD and get it to boot? I mean I know the
> > steps to install QTopia, but if it's kernel is
> > tweaked
> > the same way - wouldn't it bomb on boot failing to
> > recognize the card? (I might end up trying anyway
> > but
> > it's better to ask first in case there are
> > consequences/workarounds I'm not aware of).
> after some fiddling with the procedures etc. I did get
> QTopia to run from microSD. Nothing special, but after
> I have applied
> echo 1 > /sys/module/glamo_mci/parameters/sd_idleclk
> fix even after reboot my card is recognized. Does that
> mean that those parameters are written into ROM ? Does
> it also mean that my GPS functionality is affected as
> I recall that was the fix for slow "fix" times on GPS.
> So in my case I wanted to have QTopia on microSD as it
> doesn't support GPS anyway and run OM2008.8 natively
> to use GPS. Do I have to extract microSD card every
> time to use GPS or should I script into OM2008.8 to:
> echo 0 > /sys/module/glamo_mci/parameters/sd_idleclk
> on startup and
> echo 1 > /sys/module/glamo_mci/parameters/sd_idleclk
> on shutdown ?
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