A few problems I've been having ... suggestions?

e hanks maskvp at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 10:50:24 CEST 2008

Maybe losing your other phone will result in a better running FreeRunner.

I've missed a bunch of phone calls in 2008.8. Hitting the answer
button actually dumps the call 2 out of 3 times. Qtopia had a better
record except the in-call keypad wouldn't work.

Finger friendly keyboard?!

Wifi & GPS? Works. Mostly. Wpa_supplicant is tricky. Let Settings'
Wifi fill in the blanks.

Battery woes.- all night is ok if you need some charging otherwise I'm
pulling out the battery just to get a boot.

So, I'm pretty much ignoring the phone right now except for basic
usage. Switched to BSD on my lappy... OEM it works better than my

I'll ready for a putsch on my FR soon. :)

Best of luck...

On 9/8/08, Gothnet <openmoko at nastylittlehorse.net> wrote:
> Hiya,
> I've got a Freerunner and have figured out my way around flashing it and
> trying out a bunch of things. A week or so ago I left my old mobile in a
> hire car in another country (good move, I know) so the GTA02 has become my
> main mobile. Both the update process and trying to use it day to day have
> made me hit a few problems -
> 1. Couldn't update NOR uboot
> Not a big problem, but after (roughly) following the process here -
> http://lists.openmoko.org/pipermail/openmoko-kernel/2008-January/000708.html
> I got as far as booting into 2008.08 and running:
> flash_unlock /dev/mtd0
> flash_eraseall /dev/mtd0
> cat u-boot.udfu >/dev/mtd0
> before the Freerunner went to suspend (I didn't know about xset :0 s off at
> that point). On every subsequent try the eraseall and cat stage fail. Not
> that it matters as I have updated the NAND uboot.
> 2. Debian/FSO stopped associating with T-Mobile after a while
> No idea why, but after a few boots zhone just stopped picking up a signal.
> So I went back to 2008.08
> 3. 2008.08 sound problems.
> It seems to either vary by day or by boot or by some other random factor.
> Even after opkg update and upgrade last week (friday?) it either echoes the
> remote party's speech right back to them, or my speech to me, or works
> perfectly. Weird.
> 4. Qtopia addressbook on 2008.08 - Is there any way to do a mass delete?
> I screwed up the vcf file I'm importing several times. The first couple of
> times I manually deleted 50+ contacts one at a time, is there a
> faster/better way to do this as deleting them all manually kinda sucks?
> 5. Charging overnight seems to kill it
> I leave the phone attached to the mains charger overnight, as otherwise it
> would likely run out of batteries. Unfortunately, by morning it's pretty
> dead, won't come back from suspend and hasn't sounded the alarm I set. To
> reboot I need to remove the battery and start it up again. This done, the
> alarm goes off. Useful :)
> 7. Gotta answer calls quickly
> If I don't pick up pretty fast I think the phone goes back to suspend or
> something, but displays a couple of buttons at the bottom of the screen
> saying "yes" and "no". these buttons don't respond and nothing much else
> seems to make it wake up again either. Battery out, start again...
> Other than that it's pretty cool. I like having a phone I can ssh into. I
> haven't yet started playing with the "advanced" functionality (GPRS,
> WLAN)...
> I like the 2008.08 keyboard, it's finger friendly and the predictive text is
> helpful, mostly. Are there ways to teach it extra words and/or switch it off
> though?
> Thanks for your help/suggestions,
> David.
> (Apologies if this shows up twice, it shouldn't as I wasn't subscribed first
> time I posted)
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