ASU 2008.08 console, where are thou?

andres andres at
Wed Sep 10 19:50:06 CEST 2008

...I know, I know,
I'll be pointed to some link to the same question at the forum web
but at least, I promise I searched a little bit without results.

I flashed anew with all stable releases, (yeah, 'cause the wife
complains -"you expend $400 and is not your __only__ phone???!")

What's there looks beautiful and works dandy 
makes me fear it will be for the masses soon,
(except the keyboard wizz that doesn't let me type my name, can't see no
"disable guessing" mode or able to force hard typing on it)

Now where's my console?
How can I access the command line to get the FR hooked on the network?
(Don't tell me that I have to install it form the installer when I
cannot configure the network without it)

Thank you,


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