ASU 2008.08 console, where are thou?

Michael Zanetti michael_zanetti at
Wed Sep 10 20:47:07 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 10 September 2008 19:50:06 andres wrote:
> ...I know, I know,
> I'll be pointed to some link to the same question at the forum web
> interface,
> but at least, I promise I searched a little bit without results.
> I flashed anew with all stable releases, (yeah, 'cause the wife
> complains -"you expend $400 and is not your __only__ phone???!")
> gta02v5_and_up-u-boot.bin
> Om2008.8-gta02-20080908.rootfs.jffs2
> Om2008.8-gta02-20080903.uImage.bin
> What's there looks beautiful and works dandy
> makes me fear it will be for the masses soon,
> (except the keyboard wizz that doesn't let me type my name, can't see no
> "disable guessing" mode or able to force hard typing on it)
> Now where's my console?
> How can I access the command line to get the FR hooked on the network?
> (Don't tell me that I have to install it form the installer when I
> cannot configure the network without it)
> ....pleaaaase?
> Thank you,
> Andres

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