Ubuntu on 1973/Freerunner

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Thu Sep 11 10:56:17 CEST 2008

Theoretically, it should be feasible, as you just need a cross-toolchain.
Maybe think more of the usability - the Ubuntu Desktop Experience as on the
desktop is just not the same on a phone which is 20x slower... but most
applications for ubuntu don't cope well with the screen restrictions given
on a mobile phone. In addition to that, how would a desktop distribution
react to an incoming phone call/SMS ?
Hopefully you see the problem arising - having a linux kernel underneath
does not necessarily mean that you need to put a
([K]Ubuntu|Debian|Suse|Redhat|....) distribution on top. You really want
something which fits nicely. Please recall also the *nix-way of thinking: do
one thing, but do it well. So the advice to existing distributions who think
of porting over to mobile devices - first bring up a separate mobile
environment concept (including power settings, fragile/temporary/slow
network connections, reduced screen size, reduced computational power & disk
space) before starting to port over.



Now for

2008/9/11 sparky mat <max at sparkymat.net>

> Is Ubuntu headed to the 1973/Freerunner? I see that they have ported it to
> ARMv5 EL (@ http://mojo.handhelds.org/ ) . Would a ARMv4 port be
> difficult? Any ideas if someone has tried this?
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