Ubuntu on 1973/Freerunner

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I am afraid, I agree. 
There needs to be concerted effort on making core functionality *just* work, . So that the handset becomes attractive to average non-techie user and is able to generate more revenue.

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im more the kind of concerned user who wishd' that openmoko would become a unified platform than a play-bed for 20 distributions...
And I wished too, that instead of trying to bring all kinds of functionality into that phone, the core functionality would just work. And the startup time could be reduced to something normal. And the toolchain would behave nicely, too ... But I understand as well that once in a while, some people like to play around to explore new possibilities. So just do it anyway :-)

Regarding startup speed: did somebody look actually into loading certain functionality after showing the GUI ? (e.g. Bluetooth, Wifi.. and other kernel modules),
prelinking the libraries ?

my 2c


2008/9/11 arne anka <openmoko at ginguppin.de>

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> <rant>
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you are familiar with embedded and mobile ubuntu?
you know debian provides packages for armel?
you know what fso is supposed to be?

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