[2008.8] TangoGPS/gpsd and suspend/resume

Radek Bartoň blackhex at post.cz
Sun Sep 14 02:55:22 CEST 2008

Hi all.

Is GPS supposed to work after suspend wake up?

I mean when I suspend Neo with TangoGPS running and GPS fixed and then wake up 
after while, should be GPS position updated after short period of time (for 
hot reset or something like that) without TangoGPS restart needed or track 
logging stopped? I'm asking because I didn't experienced this reasonable 
behavior in any of 2008.8 version I've tried nor any other distro (ASU, 

If this is not implemented "feature" what is need to be done in theory to 
achieve that and what can I do to implement this?

Thanks in advance.

Ing. Radek Bartoň

Faculty of Information Technology
Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Brno University of Technology

E-mail: blackhex at post.cz
Web: http://blackhex.no-ip.org
Jabber: blackhex at jabber.cz

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