Free Runner won't turn on

Edgar D' Souza edgar.b.dsouza at
Sun Sep 14 14:23:46 CEST 2008

On Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 3:09 PM, Christian Adams <morlac at> wrote:
> moin the 2nd
> my freerunner is back to life .. strange thing ..
> i just connected to my powerbook (as external pwr-source instead of
> wall-charger) and inserted battery and it turned on ..

Heh... I discovered this by accident some time ago, running 2007.2
stock with upgrades... shut down the phone since not using it; an hour
later, I tried to power the phone on again, and discovered it
wouldn't, just like Michael describes (I got no click/AUX LED blink
like you describe). Pretty amazed at how the battery could possibly
discharge in one hour with the phone *shut down*, I plugged in the
wall charger, and it came on on its own... and when it booted, batt
charge was pretty much above 90% - so I still have no idea what that
was all about. Have only encountered it twice more; once when running
Qtopia, with a near-full batt, and once with Qtopia and the battery
was almost drained, so no wonder it wouldn't come on.

I observed this once with 2007.2, once with Qtopia. Michael said he's
using 2008.08... and you're using Debian... so very low odds of it
being rootfs-specific, right? Kernel-related, or some bug with power
handling in h/w? Dunno...


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