[2008.8+] Audio issues.

Matt matt.joyce.lists at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 14:00:55 CEST 2008

Al Johnson wrote:
> On Monday 15 September 2008, Matt wrote:
>> My  2.5mm 4 ring - 3.5 3 ring adapter has arrived, and keen as mustard,
>> I tried it out using mplayer and my normal headphones.
>> To my dismay sound only came out of one earphone, it's not he first
>> adapter I have tried either; I have a growing collection of adapters.
>> However, while I was lamenting the recent purchase, I twiddled the
>> connection with the FR and both earphones started working.  I don't mean
>> working as in half-pulling-the-adapter-out-mono nonsense, but working
>> stereo (at least I think so).
>> Why might this be, the adapter plug is not bent or disfigured?
>> Also, how do I configure the FR speak to mute when the headphones are
>> attached?
> Which image are you running? 2008.8 didn't change alsa states on headset 
> insertion last time I checked, which would lead to output in only one ear. 
> I've not checked FSO or Qtopia. I think it worked with 2007.2 but I'm not 
> certain. Try enabling the headset.state manually:
> alsactl -f /usr/share/openmoko/scenarios/headset.state restore
I was running just 2008.8+updates, I tried the command you suggested but 
is didn;t make any discernible different.
Just to be clear, I'm trying use common-or-garden 3.5mm stereo headphone 
to listen to mp3 audio.

Alsamixer wizardery aside, I'm most curious as to why rotating the plug 
into the FR changes the audio at all.

I'll try a couple of other builds...

~ Matt

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