Sound quality in calls.

Daniel Hedblom daniel at
Wed Sep 17 13:38:00 CEST 2008



Now i get pretty decent volume. Albeit with static bzz but people can
atleast hear me. I think this would be nice to have on the Wiki since
most references about mic talks about changing mic2 in alsa and
nothing about "Mono Playback Volume".  Maybe someone with more insight
could write up a quickie?


2008/9/17 Tom Yates <madhatter at>:
> On Tue, 16 Sep 2008, Daniel Hedblom wrote:
>> If anyone has a good /usr/share/openmoko/scenarios/gsmhanset.state
>> where sound incalls is good i really would love to have it. Ive been
>> fiddling with it in every way possible, tried all the distributions
>> there is (debian, FSO mk II and III, OM2008.x and qtopia ) and almost
>> sacrificed a small mammal just to be sure.
>> I just want to make sure the hardware on my phone isnt broken since
>> everyone i talk to mentions appalingly bad sound when i talk to them.
>> Not just echo but the volume they hear when i talk to them on the FR
>> is very low.
> you can find mine at
> . i
> basically sacrificed speaker volume for mic gain; other people can hear me
> much better, but i can only hear them if there's not too much background
> noise.
> i experimented yesterday with turning on the hardware echo cancellation, and
> that worked for one call (allowed me to increase Speaker Playback Volume to
> 117) but then things went back to being very echoey.  so unless i'm willing
> to have a minicom session at the beginning of every call, that's not usable
> right now; i'll have to wait until the AT%N0187 is integrated into qtopia's
> call-handling logic.
> i have tried florian hackenberger's patched
> qtopia-phone-x11-phonevendor-ficgta01vendor (see
> ; thanks, florian!) but it doesn't
> apply cleanly against the latest 2008.08 (version too old), and when i used
> -force-downgrade my qpe's CPU usage went to 100% for 40 minutes, while the
> phone failed to register with the network.  so i backed it out :( .
> hope some of that helps.
> --
>      Tom Yates  -

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