kernel panic on the second boot from the sd

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| The problem is that sometimes when Linux tries to access the sd card,
| the card isn't ready yet and the first read doesn't get any data. After
| the first successful read in a session everything's gravy and you can
| read/write all you want, but in some circumstances software gives up at
| the first error so you never get a chance to try again.  For instance if
| that first access is attempting to get the partition table and fails,
| then the kernel is going to think no partitions exist.  In the case with
| the kernel panic on boot, the "unknown-block (179,2)" is exactly the
| same numbers I get and (I assume) it's trying to either access block 179
| of partition 2, or a partition starting at block 179 (the first block of
| partition 2?) and get sector 2 of it.  In any case what is going on here

No, these are the device numbers, where 179 is the mmc block devices.
It's basically saying that the second partition of that device doesn't

These would always be the numbers you see if you ask to boot from
mmcblk0p2 regardless of what the problem is.

I think you're right about the card not being ready somehow and timing
out though.

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