can't flash nand

motli motli at
Fri Sep 19 11:07:20 CEST 2008

xiangfu wrote:
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> motli wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Since about three weeks I've used my freerunner. First of all I've
>> flashed
>> it with the om2008.8 and tryed to install Qtopia on the SD card
>> (FAT+ext3).
>> But I couldn't boot from the SD. Boot process stops with kernel panic.
>> Then
>> I've searched for Information about SD boot and found some information
>> about
>> a file called on 
>> this page 
>> So I flashed the nand with this and since then I couldn't flash the nand
>> again. Flashprocess ends with no error but when I will boot - pressing
>> Power
>> - u-boot NOR appears.
> try "reset" under u-boot NOR.
> then boot again.
>> Is it possible that I've bricked my nand? Is there a file or something to
> i don't think you bricked your nand.
>> flash NAND to shippment state?
>> Many thanks for help.
>> Tom 
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Many thanks. I could fix the problem with NAND. I just flashed the
again, botted from NOR, shutdown and then boot into NAND. All the entries
where back again and I could boot from NAND.

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