can't flash nand

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Fri Sep 19 15:27:06 CEST 2008

When you attempt to boot from SD, do you have to try twice every time and do
you get "unknown-block (179,2)" on the second try?  Just wondering.
To put your NAND uboot back into a "known" state, just use the latest
version of uboot that comes with Om2008.  Use this wiki page:
to find the instructions - there is a downloads page link off that page and
just use the latest version of uboot.

There's a subtle difference between the way you access the NOR uboot and the
way you access the NAND uboot, that I didn't catch the first time I read the
wiki and maybe you didn't notice either.  NAND uboot doesn't replace NOR
uboot; they both exist at once.  You access NOR uboot by pressing and
holding AUX first, and then power.  NAND uboot you access by pressing and
holding *power* first, and only afterwards (after 1-2 seconds, but before
the screen comes on) press and hold aux.  So, which one you see depends on
the order in which you press the two buttons.  It's possible your NAND uboot
is fine but that you were pressing the buttons in the NOR order.

On Fri, Sep 19, 2008 at 3:17 AM, motli <motli at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Since about three weeks I've used my freerunner. First of all I've flashed
> it with the om2008.8 and tryed to install Qtopia on the SD card (FAT+ext3).
> But I couldn't boot from the SD. Boot process stops with kernel panic. Then
> I've searched for Information about SD boot and found some information
> about
> a file called on
> this page
> So I flashed the nand with this and since then I couldn't flash the nand
> again. Flashprocess ends with no error but when I will boot - pressing
> Power
> - u-boot NOR appears.
> Is it possible that I've bricked my nand? Is there a file or something to
> flash NAND to shippment state?
> Many thanks for help.
> Tom
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