need a new u-boot_env

Olivier Berger oberger at
Sun Sep 21 19:06:36 CEST 2008

Arne Zachlod <zachso at> writes:

> Hello there!
> i had destroyed my u-boot_env and can't get a new one because of this 
> bug in
> :~/Desktop/devirginator$ ./ -D GTA02 -s 262144 -i -f 
> -o env.out
> CRC error: expected 0x27a5eefd, got 0x20230a23
> so, is there anyone who could send me a proper u-boot-env?
> first bootdevice should be flash and the rest is unimportant, but you 
> can put there as much as you like. my device is a GTA02v05
> thanks a lot, greetings, zachso

Shouldn't such information be in the wiki for reference ?

I have tweaked mine unfortunately, so I'm not sure it's worth reusing.

My 2 cents,

Olivier BERGER 
(OpenPGP: 1024D/B4C5F37F)

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