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Robert Norton at
Mon Sep 22 14:24:20 CEST 2008

2008/9/20 Pietro m0nt0 Montorfano <monto84 at>:
> Hi, i need some help with the battery.
> I've got a FR with Om 2008.9.19 and also tried FSO milestone3 or qtopia
> 4.3.2 or qtopia 4.3.3 but i can get at most 10 h of battery life,
> suspend active, doing nothing more than wakeing FR up to see how much
> battery was left and sending it back to sleep. Obvously gps and
> bluetooth module were off and wifi was set to "off" doing "ifdown eth0".
> A lot of people is telling me that they had their FR running 35 hours or
> more, sending some sms and making some calls so i really can't
> understand why i can't get such level of battery life.
> So, how can i get it? Can you help me please?
> Thanks for the suport.
I observed the same problem with my newly arrived freerunner running
om2008.8 update. I fiddled with the wifi then did ifdown eth0 and
suspend. Bluetooth, wifi and GPS all set to off in settings. Less than
24h later the neo would not turn on (thankfully there was enough
charge left to boot and start charging when I returned home).

What tools are there to evaluate power usage? Can we get conclusive
answers for what is consuming power (i.e. which devices are active)
both when powered on and when suspended?



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