battery life problem

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano monto84 at
Tue Sep 23 07:37:20 CEST 2008

Robert Norton ha scritto:
> I observed the same problem with my newly arrived freerunner running
> om2008.8 update. I fiddled with the wifi then did ifdown eth0 and
> suspend. Bluetooth, wifi and GPS all set to off in settings. Less than
> 24h later the neo would not turn on (thankfully there was enough
> charge left to boot and start charging when I returned home).

If the FR don't owerup, don't panic, I usually plug it in the OM wall 
charger for about 30min and then i try to power it up, everything goes 
fine without a problem. Second solution is to plug it with the usb 
cable, wait 5 min and then power it up, sometimes it powerup when i plug 
it in the usb. (uboot updated with the last included in om2008)

> What tools are there to evaluate power usage? Can we get conclusive
> answers for what is consuming power (i.e. which devices are active)
> both when powered on and when suspended?
> Cheers,
> Robert

Yeah, anyone know anything to see which of the many things on the FR is 
draining my battery?



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