architecture and feeds (is neo1973 correct for gta02)?

Jose Luis Perez Diez jluis at
Tue Sep 23 09:58:37 CEST 2008

El Tuesday, 23 de September de 2008 04:12:32 Yaroslav Halchenko va escriure:
> Every complete system image for freerunner carries
> /etc/opkg/neo1973-feed.conf which lists source for gta01 architecture --
> is that supposed to be compatible with gta02?

The specific parts are for the neo 1973  on gta01, and for the neo freeruner 
on gta02. The ipk of neo1973 are for packages specific to the common 
hardaware on 1973 & fr  that doesn't fit on armvt4.

form  a /etc/opkg/arch.conf illustrated and commented
#arc	     priority	desc 
arch all 	1      	# Most generic 
arch any 	6      	# Any machine 
arch noarch 	11  	# 
arch arm 	16     	# any arm
arch armv4t 	21	# cpu
arch fic-gta02 	26	# this is here for compatibility ( historic )
arch neo1973 	31	# common gta01, gta02 and I think that for gtaxx 
arch om-gta02 	36	# the actual machine 

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