neo1973 does not power on.

tck6346 at tck6346 at
Thu Sep 25 15:44:45 CEST 2008

That sounds very likely what I did. I will check the fstab entry on the sd card,
but I'm almost certain it was mtdblock0.

On the minus side this means I will definitely need a debug board, but at least
it is highly likely to not be a waste of money and effort.


Quoting Jose Luis Perez Diez <jluis at>:

> El Thursday, 25 de September de 2008 05:09:57 tck6346 at va
> escriure:
> > After hooking it up to my external power supply, I'm able to see it
> starts
> > to draw ~50mA when I hit the power button. It never actually responds
> just
> > sits there draining away the battery.
> I'm sure you managed to brick your 1973, I did it myself last january,
> with 
> the same result making it a /dev/null for charge.
> I mounted /dev/mtdblock0 by accident instead of /dev/mtdblock4 (I had a
> bad 
> $mtdparts on the sd entry) and jffs2 reclaimed some unused space. This
> could 
> happen as resulto of this action (in the head message): 
> >> 1) I added the onboard fs to my fstab in my SD debian install so that
> I
> >> could access it while booted into debian. 
> the answer to your question in the previous message:
> >2) Will the newer Debug board that comes with the GTA02 work with the
> GTA01? 
> Is acording to the wiki YES, see
> &

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