[qtopia]how to install a qpk package?

damunix damunix at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 20:53:31 CEST 2008

Hi all.

Yes, for the moment it is not possible to use it as a real Gps application.
I'm writing a new C++ class that use libgps struct, but it is not finish.
I'm also waiting for qtopia 4.3, which would include gps manager.


Thomas Bertani write :

> Do you or anyone else publicly available feed with CityMap package?
> Although
> I've managed to compile it and tried how it is (not) working, I gave up
> packaging it. But if there is a ready feed I would gave CityMap second
> chance...
> Thanks.

I installed it successfully but now it doesn't recognise your gps position,
you can only view, move and zoom in the maps of open street map


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