enlightenment crashes

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 05:34:25 CEST 2008

2008/9/26 Robin Paulson <robin.paulson at gmail.com>:
>> are you sure it's enlightenment and not qpe? zecke used the same "white box of
>> death" code i have for e for catching qpe crashes and restarting it. carefully
>> read the dialog. (i already had one person complain about e crashes when it
>> actually was qpe. e also doesn't take a minute or so - e takes in the range of <
>> 10 seconds (more like 5) to completely restart itself, which is why i wonder if
>> you read the dialog. :)
> you're more than likely right, i found this bug a few moments ago
> which looks similar to the problem i'm getting:
> http://docs.openmoko.org/trac/ticket/1767
> i probably exaggerated - it does re-start pretty quickly (approx 10
> seconds), but occasionally the whole system seems to hang and not
> accept any input after that. occasionally i need to reboot completely,
> mostly when i'm trying to read a text message
> ah, it just did it:
> "Enlightenment Error"
> This is very bad. Enlightenment SEGV'd
> This is not meant to happen and is likely a sign of a bug in
> Enlightenment or the libraries it relies on. You can gdb attach to
> this process now to try debug it or you could exit, or just hit
> restart to try and get your desktop back the way it was.
> Please compile everything woth -g flags in your CFLAGS
> (F1) Recover (F2) Exit

and i just go it to print a different error message
"Enlightenment SIGABRT'd"
otherwise identical to the previous one with the SEGV'd

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