enlightenment crashes

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 12:58:31 CEST 2008

2008/9/26 The Rasterman Carsten Haitzler <raster at rasterman.com>:
> illume as well? hmm. ok definitely behind the curve - i'm building 36262's

right - i'm using what opkg provides. not sure what else to do

> currently. backtraces would be good! i dont use asu anymore. (fso stuff thouhg
> i've now been building stripped down images minus frameworkd and zhone etc. just
> to keep build sizes/times and flash times down).
> http://wiki.enlightenment.org/index.php/Debugging

and that's way over my head. i don't have the skills or the time to
re-compile enlightenment. i'm lost

> :) cunningly prepared i advance... :)

i'm curious why i'm getting this, and very few others are? i've done
nothing unusual to the install, it's the standard files, but only a
few people are reporting this problem

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