Clicking after Power Off

Boris Wong lists.boris at
Fri Sep 26 19:22:32 CEST 2008

Boris here.
        For some strange reason, I am receiving clicking noises on my
        Freerunner. I am unsure where this problem is originating from.
        I have
        only used the device AFTER I flashed with new
        When I shut down the device, it makes repeated clicking
        noises from the speakers. When I press the power button again
        shutdown the noise subsides, although I suspect the battery is
        discharging fast, since it goes from full bars to near empty
        I have re-flashed the bios and tried different kernels and
        rootfs' (including om2008.8, om2008.9, qtopia). None of which
        What could be the problem? If it is a hardware defect, I may be
        too late
        for my 14 day DOA...

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