[FDOM] gpsd dying :(

Konstantin Chaosspawn23 at gmx.net
Sat Sep 27 22:49:46 CEST 2008

I recently stumbled over a quite annoying problem with gpsd in FDOM (and IIRC
also in vanilla 2008.9):
GPS generally works, I get a fix and gpsd works just fine (with tangogps), but
at some point the gpsd suddenly vanishes. I suspect this is a problem either
with gpsd or at kernel level, because at roughly the same time gpsd vanishes,
dmesg spits out the following lines:

[52506.730000] rxerr: port ch=0x00, rxs=0x0000000c
[53327.145000] rxerr: port ch=0x20, rxs=0x00000001
[53327.155000] s3c2410_serial1: 1 input overrun(s)
[53327.160000] rxerr: port ch=0x2c, rxs=0x00000001
[53332.150000] rxerr: port ch=0x0d, rxs=0x00000001
[53332.155000] s3c2410_serial1: 2 input overrun(s)
[the rxerrs go on for a while, whith different ch= adresses]

Is anyone else having those problems? Any idea what could be causing that?


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