Buzzing when using the touchscreen.

Kelvie Wong kelvie at
Mon Sep 29 05:25:44 CEST 2008

On Sunday, September 28, 2008 20:06:59 Kelvie Wong wrote:
> It seems the closer my finger (or stylus) is to the earpiece,
> the louder it becomes.

On further inspection, this part isn't actually true.

> Also, perhaps related, whenever the screen is rotated to landscape mode,
> there is a constant whine that emits from the earpiece.  Does anyone else
> experience this?

This is very noticeable, but I can't really track down where this particular 
noise is coming from; I suspect it is the screen itself.  I took a look at my 
brother's Freerunner, and his does not do this (we run the same kernel and 

> During bootup, this doesn't happen (presumably either the speaker or the
> touch screen isn't activated).

Also, this part was a lie as well.  After a certain part of the bootup 
sequence, I can still touch the screen and hear the buzz.

Kelvie Wong

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