Status on GTA01?

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Mon Sep 29 09:51:42 CEST 2008

2008/9/28 Peter Rasmussen <plr at>:
> With the images from above, I don't seem to get a UI that shows a phone,
> but more some screens that wants to install or update the system.

The dailies are "minimal" systems that are designed so that you have
to install additional software (eg. by logging in via USB networking)
to make it usable.

> What is the version of uboot, kernel and root image that gets the most
> out of the GTA01 hardware?

I'd guess could be
a good start, since unlike 2008.8 release directory, FSO has gta01
images available. Of course it's also pretty basic without installing
additional software but should theoretically work phone-wise just ok.
AUX button switches the keyboard visible/hidden there, see wiki for
more instructions.

> Runing Qtopia 4.3.2 from some time ago, it looks more like a real phone,
> and I wonder if Qtopia releases are in fact the best path for GTA01 users?

If you don't want to do anything besides basic phone functionality,
Qtopia might be best for all users at the moment (though 2008.8 is
working quite problem-free already, too). But for the flexibility of
free software most people bought Neo:s for, other images are better
since you can run any software instead of only Qtopia software.


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