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Tue Sep 30 23:57:44 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| I was thinking of switching to the latest Om2008.9 from OM2007.2
| because Om2008.9 resumes a lot quicker from suspend.  However, the
| battery life with Om2008.9 is greatly reduced.  This leads me to
| believe that Om2008.9 either isn't truly suspending--more of a
| standby--or just isn't suspending everything that OM2007.2 does.
| Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
| The one difference is that Om2008.9 was running from the microsd card.
|  Would that make a difference as far as power usage during suspend?

There's this new userspace power daemon that makes decisions about
backlight and suspend now.  If it decides to just keep backlight "off"
for long periods, there's a bug in recent kernels that actually leaves
the backlight slightly on (trying to avoid another bug in the PMU).  I
fixed this tonight on another tree and will update stable with it later
or tomorrow.

It might not be the whole story but it should help.

- -Andy
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