Bluetooth busted (Was: [HW] Ear phones with microphone, for hands-free calling?)

Craig Woodward woody at
Wed Apr 1 06:03:23 CEST 2009

---- Joerg Reisenweber <joerg at> wrote: 
>Sorry, this whole pile of rant is mostly completely incorrect.
>The remarks about "debug-tool that runs on a certain linux release" reveal the 
>value of the whole message as well as the competence of OP.

Really?  Can you tell me then of one image that will work using a bluetooth headset for calls?  A link to an image?  Or would that be too helpful.  Maybe you can insult me instead, oh wait, you did.  With people like you mailing from an address is it ANY wonder why they have a bad rap?

I *tried* pulling the debug tool posted on the wiki (which was only available on the site as a compiled executable, no source tars) and MY linux system didn't like it, since it wasn't statically linked.   While I'm sure I could go setup git, track down the Android source repository, pull the source, and compile it myself, that's a lot of work just to *try* to setup an image that *might* work with a bluetooth setup.

As for my "competence", I hold a BS in CS and CE from a well respected tech college, and was an active coder on the early linux core back in the early 90s, pre 1.0 through the 1.X series. (Then I graduated, got a job, and lacked time to work on it.)  I now work daily with micro-embedded controllers, some running custom linux variants.  So I know my way around a micro, I just don't have the hours I'd need to debug and develop a phone/kit right now.  I bought this phone thinking it would be like my other kits, where I'd have a stable, working base to start on and I could touch it up at my leisure with things I wanted to augment.  I never imagined 12 months later it would still be unable to connect to more than one wifi spot without rebooting, or have problems maintaining a GSM link.

---- arne anka <openmoko at> wrote: 
> so, what are you doing here anyway?

In case you missed it, I was UNABLE to sell my FR.  That's why I'm still here.  I still have a $400 device that's supposed to be a phone that barely works as a poor PDA.  I say poor, since most PDAs in that price range have usable Wifi, a USB sync system, and a battery life longer than 8 hours.  Most of those PDAs (windows or linux based) also have a reasonable SDK kit that minimally gives you a working base image and maybe a source snapshot.  So far FR hasn't had a working base image yet that I can flash, turn on, tap in a few config items, and start making stable, reliable calls with, without HOURS of tweaking.

I'm here because FIC/OM told people a year ago they were launching a working open-source phone, and I was stupid enough to believe them (and the people on this list), and plunked down $400.  A year later, I'm still here, and have a "wonderful open-source phone" that I can't use or sell for even half what I bought it for.

All I can do now is hope that eventually someone will make a stable core for it and release it.  And some are getting close, like Android.  Kudos to the folks working on that port really, since it's made more progress in 6 months than FIC/OM has in 2 years.  Hopefully that will overcome it's reliance on a hard keyboard soon.

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