Bluetooth busted (Was: [HW] Ear phones with microphone, for hands-free calling?)

Fernando Martins fernando at
Wed Apr 1 14:28:14 CEST 2009

arne anka wrote:
>> PS. All you people here, try not to bash others who are just trying to  
>> get help.
> he wasn't trying to "get help". he was trying to vent his frustrations.
> whether he's right or not -- this is not the place for such  
> non-constructive and useless rantings.
> it does not help anyone and even if it makes him feel better (i doubt it),  
> it wastes time and energy of others.
> that's inconsiderate and selfish.
Craig's original message contains 5 paragraphs stating his experience, 
which I found certainly useful. Yes, it can also be perceived some 
perfectly reasonable frustration but it contains only a single sentence 
which is clearly subjective, gratuitous and probably incorrect: "The 
whole project (FIC, OpenMoko, et al) has such a bad rep that nobody 
wants a FreeRunner now, even at a discounted price." This could simply 
have been dismissed as trolling, or simply properly replied to: there 
are other logical explanations as to why "nobody wants a 2nd hand FR, 
namely trying to sell the product to the wrong market. Plus, those who 
know about FR and want to pay for the extra price will most likely look 
for the newest revision. Those who see the the selling post in the list 
are also likely to have already a mobile. And so on...

I certainly found the reply from Joerg as unfair - nitpicking on a 
possibly miscommunicated detail to dismiss the whole message and the 
author. I also found your replies quite disappointing, but that's just 
my personal opinion. If this list pretends to be a community, IMO that 
also means supporting people in the moments of frustration and simply 
pointing out fairly to incorrect arguments (likely to come out of 

I just came across an interesting quote: "Say how you feel and do what 
you want. The people that mind don't matter and the people that matter 
don't mind."

I think it's the last part of the quote that makes the community.


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