Entering the PIN for a SIM card

Johny Tenfinger seba.dos1 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 14:29:04 CEST 2009

Did you try to click on assembled digits? ;>

2009/4/8, halbtaxabo-om at yahoo.com <halbtaxabo-om at yahoo.com>:
> I loaded the SD chip and the SIM card into my Openmoko as described
> on the "Getting Started with your Neo FreeRunner" page.
> I inserted the battery, closed the case and plugged it into the
> charger.
> It booted to the GUI (a few icons), then the screen went black after
> a couple of minutes.
> I pressed the power button, and can see text on the screen:
> "Please enter the needed PIN.
> SIM Pin:___________"
> I'm using a prepaid SIM card from Co-op Switzerland. I have
> the PIN. But how do I enter it?
> In the lower half of the screen are lower-case letters. By experimenting,
> I find I can get upper-case letters, or digits or special
> characters, by stroking the screen with the stylus.
> I can touch numbers with the stylus and thus compose a 4-digit
> number - in the lower half of the screen.
> But how do I enter it into the dialog box for the PIN? which
> is in the upper half or the screen?????
> A photo showing the screen is attached. There is no obvious way
> to get the assembled 4 digits into the required box.

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